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Planet of the apps

10 January 2016

Apps are everywhere. There are thousands of them. Any organisation worth talking about has an app or several apps or at the very least wants to build an app. Many people commissioning these things may just be missing the point though, and this makes people like me quite unAPPy. (You may need to prepare yourself for wanton pun-ishment throughout...

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Drupal - the steep CMS learning curve

05 October 2013

Drupal is all powerful.

Drupal is brilliant at providing easy to manage, effective websites.

Drupal is also a hard thing to learn for us web builders.

It’s very easy to give up when something is really hard, and I don’t blame you, however if you can see the huge potential of Drupal and stick with it...

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Source: Learning Curve for Popular CMS

Teamwork PM - online project managment

02 September 2013

During the process of building a websites a lot of email are sent, meetings had and plans made. As well as being the web builder (that is designer, developer, editor) I become a project manager. On larger websites I might step away entirely from the 'hands on' work and focus solely on project management while...

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